Wurlitzer Electric Piano Vintage Warmth In A Portable Package

A Wurlitzer Electric Piano is a type of musical instrument that produces sound electronically through the use of pickups and amplifiers. It is a variation of the traditional acoustic piano, but with a distinct sound and design that sets it apart.

The Wurlitzer Electric Piano has a rich history dating back to the late 1950s when it was first introduced. It was created by Rudolph Wurlitzer Company, a renowned producer of musical instruments, and quickly gained popularity among musicians for its unique sound and portability.

What sets the Wurlitzer Electric Piano apart from other electric pianos is its distinctive features, including:

  1. Hammer Action: Unlike most electric pianos, the Wurlitzer has a hammer action mechanism that simulates the feel of playing an acoustic piano.
  2. Amplification System: The Wurlitzer has a built-in amplification system that allows it to produce its signature warm and gritty sound without the need for external amplifiers.
  3. Vibrato Effect: The Wurlitzer has a built-in vibrato effect that creates a wobbling sound, adding a unique character to the instrument’s sound.
  4. Portable Design: The Wurlitzer Electric Piano is compact and lightweight, making it easy to transport for live performances.

To use a Wurlitzer Electric Piano, follow these simple steps:

  1. Setting Up the Piano: Plug in the piano and turn on the power. Adjust the volume and tone settings to your preference.
  2. Playing Techniques: Use the hammer action and pedals to create different sounds and effects. Experiment with the vibrato effect for a unique sound.

There are many reasons to choose a Wurlitzer Electric Piano, including:

  1. Vintage Warmth and Character: The Wurlitzer has a unique sound that adds warmth and character to any musical performance.
  2. Versatility in Music Genres: The Wurlitzer’s sound is not limited to a specific genre and can be used in various music genres, from jazz to rock.
  3. Portability for Live Performances: The compact design of the Wurlitzer makes it an ideal instrument for live performances, allowing musicians to take it on the road with ease.

Proper maintenance and care are essential for keeping a Wurlitzer Electric Piano in good condition:

  1. Cleaning and Dusting: Regularly clean and dust the piano’s keys and body with a soft cloth to prevent dust buildup.
  2. Tuning and Adjustments: Like acoustic pianos, the Wurlitzer requires occasional tuning and adjustments to ensure it produces the best sound.
  3. Protecting and Storing the Piano: When not in use, cover the piano with a protective cover and store it in a cool, dry place to prevent damage.

Key Takeaways:

  • Experience vintage warmth and character with a Wurlitzer Electric Piano, known for its unique hammer action and amplification system.
  • Versatility and portability make the Wurlitzer Electric Piano a popular choice for various music genres and live performances.
  • Maintain and care for your Wurlitzer Electric Piano by regularly cleaning, tuning, and protecting it, and discover the latest updates and famous artists who use this iconic instrument.
  • What Is a Wurlitzer Electric Piano?

    What Is a Wurlitzer Electric Piano? - Wurlitzer Electric Piano: Vintage Warmth in a Portable Package

    Photo Credits: Goldenscissors.Info by Charles Campbell

    The Wurlitzer Electric Piano is a vintage, electro-mechanical musical instrument that rose to fame in the 1960s and 1970s. It is renowned for its classic warmth, portability, and unique sound. This keyboard instrument produces sound by striking metal reeds with hammers, resulting in a distinct and recognizable tone. It has been utilized in a variety of music genres, such as jazz, rock, and pop.

    History of the Wurlitzer Electric Piano

    History of the Wurlitzer Electric Piano - Wurlitzer Electric Piano: Vintage Warmth in a Portable Package

    Photo Credits: Goldenscissors.Info by Michael Rivera

    The origins of the Wurlitzer electric piano can be traced back to the 1950s when the company first introduced the Wurlitzer Electronic Piano. This instrument quickly gained popularity for its portability and versatility, providing a vintage warmth in a convenient and compact package. Over the years, the Wurlitzer electric piano has been favored by musicians in a wide range of genres, solidifying its iconic status in the history of music.

    What Makes the Wurlitzer Electric Piano Unique?

    The Wurlitzer Electric Piano has become a staple instrument in the music industry, known for its distinctive sound and versatile capabilities. But what sets this instrument apart from others? In this section, we will delve into the unique features of the Wurlitzer Electric Piano, including its hammer action, amplification system, and vibrato effect. We will also explore its portable design, making it a popular choice for musicians on the go. Let’s discover what makes the Wurlitzer Electric Piano a beloved instrument among musicians and music enthusiasts alike.

    1. Hammer Action

    • Check for functionality of the hammer action to ensure that the hammers strike the appropriate tines when keys are pressed.
    • Inspect the hammer tips for any signs of wear and tear, as worn tips can have an impact on the piano’s tone.
    • If needed, it is recommended to seek assistance from a professional technician for any adjustments or repairs related to the hammer action mechanism.

    2. Amplification System

    • Preamp: The amplification system includes a built-in preamp to enhance the signal from the piano’s pickups.
    • Stereo Output: It routes the audio signal to both the left and right channels for a full stereo sound.
    • Speaker System: Wurlitzer electric pianos have a built-in speaker system, eliminating the need for external amplification in smaller venues.
    • External Amplification: For larger venues or recording, the piano can be connected to external amplifiers or PA systems.

    3. Vibrato Effect

    • Activate the vibrato effect by pressing the vibrato button on the Wurlitzer electric piano.
    • Adjust the intensity of the Vibrato Effect using the Vibrato Speed control knob.
    • Experiment with different settings to find the desired Vibrato Effect for your music.

    4. Portable Design

    • Portability: The compact and lightweight design of the Wurlitzer electric piano makes it easily portable for rehearsals, gigs, and studio sessions.

    How to Use a Wurlitzer Electric Piano

    If you’re curious about the iconic Wurlitzer electric piano and how to use it, you’ve come to the right place. In this section, we’ll cover everything you need to know to get started with this beloved instrument. First, we’ll discuss the initial setup process, including how to properly connect and power on the piano. Then, we’ll dive into various playing techniques, from basic chords to advanced techniques, that will help you achieve the signature warm and vintage sound of the Wurlitzer electric piano. Get ready to unleash your inner musician!

    1. Setting Up the Piano

    • Unpack the piano carefully to avoid any damage during transportation.
    • Place the piano on a stable and even surface to ensure proper balance.
    • Connect the power cable to a suitable power source and turn on the piano.
    • Adjust the volume and tone settings to your preference.

    When setting up the Wurlitzer electric piano, it’s crucial to handle the instrument with care and ensure it is placed on a stable surface for optimal performance. Correctly connecting the power cable and adjusting the settings according to your preferences will enhance the overall experience.

    2. Playing Techniques

    • Positioning: Sit centered in front of the piano with good posture.
    • Finger Placement: Use proper finger placement and practice scales and arpeggios to improve playing techniques.
    • Pedal Usage: Learn to control sustain and dynamics with the pedal.
    • Expression: Master dynamics and articulation for musical expression.

    Fact: The Wurlitzer Electric Piano’s unique sound has made it a favorite among musicians in rock, jazz, and pop genres.

    Why Choose a Wurlitzer Electric Piano?

    Why Choose a Wurlitzer Electric Piano? - Wurlitzer Electric Piano: Vintage Warmth in a Portable Package

    Photo Credits: Goldenscissors.Info by Richard Anderson

    The Wurlitzer electric piano has been a staple in the music industry for decades, and for good reason. With its distinctive vintage warmth and character, it adds a unique flavor to any musical composition. But the benefits of a Wurlitzer go beyond just its sound. In this section, we will explore the reasons why choosing a Wurlitzer electric piano is a wise decision for any musician. From its versatility in different music genres to its portability for live performances, the Wurlitzer has something to offer for every musician.

    1. Vintage Warmth and Character

    • Experience the vintage warmth and character of a Wurlitzer electric piano by immersing yourself in its rich, warm tones and distinctive sound that evoke a sense of nostalgia.
    • Discover and appreciate the unique tonal qualities that give a vintage vibe to your music, adding depth and character to your compositions or performances.
    • Explore the expressive capabilities of the piano, embracing its retro charm to infuse your music with a timeless, classic feel.

    2. Versatility in Music Genres

    When it comes to versatility in music genres, the Wurlitzer electric piano shines. Its unique sound and tonal qualities make it a perfect fit for a wide range of music styles. Jazz, rock, funk, and soul musicians appreciate its ability to provide vintage warmth and character, adding a distinct flavor to their compositions. Additionally, its portability makes it a popular choice for live performances, seamlessly adapting to various musical settings and venues.

    3. Portability for Live Performances

    • To ensure portability for live performances, make sure to protect the piano during transit to prevent damage or wear.
    • Use a sturdy carrying case or bag to conveniently transport the piano.
    • Before each performance, check and adjust the piano’s legs and pedals to ensure stability.

    Pro-tip: For easy setup and maximum stability during live performances, invest in a compact and robust stand for the piano.

    Maintenance and Care for a Wurlitzer Electric Piano

    Maintenance and Care for a Wurlitzer Electric Piano - Wurlitzer Electric Piano: Vintage Warmth in a Portable Package

    Photo Credits: Goldenscissors.Info by Dylan Moore

    Your Wurlitzer electric piano is a timeless instrument that requires proper maintenance and care to ensure its longevity. In this section, we will discuss the essential steps for keeping your Wurlitzer in top condition. From cleaning and dusting to tuning and adjustments, we will cover all the necessary tasks to keep your piano sounding its best. Additionally, we will provide tips on how to protect and store your Wurlitzer to preserve its vintage warmth for years to come.

    1. Cleaning and Dusting

    • To begin, unplug the piano to ensure safety during the cleaning process.
    • Gently wipe the exterior surfaces of the piano with a soft, dry cloth to remove any dust or dirt.
    • For hard-to-reach areas and intricate parts, consider using a small, soft-bristled brush for thorough cleaning.
    • To maintain the piano’s finish, avoid using harsh chemicals; instead, opt for a slightly damp cloth if necessary.
    • Regular dusting and cleaning will help preserve the timeless appeal of your Wurlitzer electric piano.

    2. Tuning and Adjustments

    • Check the tone: Ensure the tone is consistent across all keys.
    • Inspect the hammers: Look for wear and tear on the hammers and check if they need reshaping or voicing.
    • Adjust the pickups: Make fine-tuning adjustments to the pickups to guarantee optimal sound output.
    • Tune the reeds: Use a tuning wrench to accurately adjust the reeds for pitch.
    • Regulate the action: Make necessary adjustments to the action for proper key response and feel.

    3. Protecting and Storing the Piano

    • To properly protect your piano, be sure to keep it covered when not in use to shield it from dust and sunlight.
    • It is important to store your piano in a temperature-controlled environment to prevent damage from extreme heat or cold.
    • Using a piano cover or soft fabric can also help protect the instrument from scratches or dents.

    To regulate humidity and prevent moisture-related issues, consider placing moisture-absorbing packets near the piano.

    What’s New with Wurlitzer Electric Pianos?


    Photo Credits: Goldenscissors.Info by Dennis Martin

    What’s the latest news on Wurlitzer electric pianos? These vintage instruments continue to captivate musicians with their warmth and portability. The newest models now have enhanced digital capabilities, including USB connectivity for seamless integration with modern music production setups. Additionally, advancements in key action technology provide a more authentic playing experience, solidifying these iconic instruments as a timeless choice for both stage and studio.

    Pro-tip: When considering Wurlitzer electric pianos, look for models with built-in effects to add even more versatility to your sound.

    Famous Artists Who Use Wurlitzer Electric Pianos

    Famous Artists Who Use Wurlitzer Electric Pianos - Wurlitzer Electric Piano: Vintage Warmth in a Portable Package

    Photo Credits: Goldenscissors.Info by David Martinez

    Some well-known musicians who have incorporated Wurlitzer electric pianos into their music include Ray Charles, Supertramp, Pink Floyd, and The Doors. These iconic artists utilized the distinct warm and rich sound of the Wurlitzer electric piano to enhance their music, contributing to its widespread popularity across various genres.

    How to Purchase a Wurlitzer Electric Piano

    How to Purchase a Wurlitzer Electric Piano - Wurlitzer Electric Piano: Vintage Warmth in a Portable Package

    Photo Credits: Goldenscissors.Info by Adam Nelson

    1. Research: Understand the different models, features, and prices available for purchasing a Wurlitzer electric piano.
    2. Authorized Dealers: Locate reputable dealers or official Wurlitzer retailers to ensure a reliable purchase.
    3. Physical Inspection: Visit the store to personally examine the piano, assessing its condition and sound quality before making a decision.
    4. Demo: Request a demonstration to evaluate the piano’s performance and determine if it meets your needs.
    5. Pricing: Inquire about pricing, warranty, and after-sales service to make an informed decision.
    6. Purchase: Make an informed decision based on your research and the assessment of the instrument, ensuring a satisfactory purchase.


    Summary - Wurlitzer Electric Piano: Vintage Warmth in a Portable Package

    Photo Credits: Goldenscissors.Info by Eugene Wright

    The Wurlitzer Electric Piano is a beloved instrument among musicians, known for its vintage warmth and portability. Its iconic sound has been featured in many popular songs, making it a sought-after choice for both studio recordings and live performances. Its compact design allows for easy transportation, making it a top pick for gigging musicians. In fact, a well-known pianist even stumbled upon a discarded Wurlitzer Electric Piano at a garage sale, which inspired them to create a hit album.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. What makes the Vintage Vibe Piano™ stand out from other electric tine pianos?

    The Vintage Vibe Piano™ is known for its liveliness, unparalleled tone and feel, and soulful sound, making it a favorite among professional musicians like Peter Anspach, Steve Swatkins, and Chick Corea.

    It also features patented Variable Voice Control for global voicing on the fly and a patented Dual Capstan Action for adjustable and accurate action regulation, setting it apart from other electric pianos on the market.

    2. How is the Vintage Vibe Piano™ in terms of quality and condition?

    The Vintage Vibe Piano™ is in excellent (used) condition, with utmost care taken by the company and previous owners to maintain its original 100% condition. It has been well cared for over the past 35 years and comes with its original packaging, including stock music stand and sustain pedal.

    3. What are some standout features of the Vintage Vibe Piano™?

    The Vintage Vibe Piano™ offers an expansive range of sound and precise strike line advantage with its patented Variable Voice Control and Dual Capstan Action technology.

    It also has a low noise floor and clear sound, thanks to its original 5×7″ speakers and redesigned EQ. The angled relief and uniform height of the piano lines also contribute to its exceptional performance.

    4. Can the Vintage Vibe Piano™ be used for recording purposes?

    Yes, the Vintage Vibe Piano™ has been praised by musicians like Richie Kotzen, Matt Johnson, and Allen Stone for its clear and warm tone, making it a great choice for recording purposes.

    5. What are some exciting new editions of the Vintage Vibe Piano™?

    The Vintage Vibe Piano™ has recently introduced the Classic Vintage Vibe Piano, Deluxe model, and Concert Series.

    Each new model offers unique features such as the patented Variable Voice Control option and the Stereo Vibe pre-amplifier, adding versatility and enhanced sound quality to the ultimate piano experience.

    6. Is the Wurlitzer Model 200A piano still available for purchase?

    Unfortunately, the Wurlitzer Model 200A piano listed on Reverb.com 9 years ago may no longer be available. However, similar listings may still be found on the site or through other sources.