Electric Double Bass The Low End of the Electric String Spectrum

The electric double bass, often referred to as the “low end of the electric string spectrum,” has gained popularity in both professional and casual musical settings. Whether you’re a seasoned musician or a beginner looking to explore the world of electric bass, this article will equip you with the knowledge needed to make informed decisions and maximize your playing experience.

From understanding the inner workings of electric double basses to practical tips for setup and maintenance, this guide aims to be your go-to resource for all things related to this unique instrument. So, let’s dive into the realm of electric double basses and unravel the intricacies that make them a fascinating addition to any musician’s arsenal.

Key Takeaways:

  • Experience the versatility and portability of an electric double bass, perfect for musicians on the go.
  • Enjoy the convenience of volume control and reduced maintenance costs with an electric double bass.
  • Ensure you choose the right electric double bass for your playing style by considering construction, sound quality, and electronics.

What Is an Electric Double Bass?

An electric double bass is a modern variation of the traditional double bass, designed for amplified performance and contemporary music genres. The instrument features an extended frequency range and versatile tone, making it suitable for various musical styles.

Unlike its acoustic counterpart, the electric double bass allows for natural amplification, enabling the instrument to be heard clearly in ensembles and amplified settings without sacrificing its rich, resonant sound. This makes it a favorable choice for jazz, rock, and fusion musicians seeking a deep, full-bodied bass sound that remains defined and present in the mix.

How Does an Electric Double Bass Work?

How Does an Electric Double Bass Work? - Electric Double Bass The Low End of the Electric String Spectrum

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The functioning of an electric double bass revolves around the conversion of string vibrations into electrical signals, utilizing pickups to capture the rich overtones and harmonics produced by the vibrating length of the strings. NS Electric is renowned for its innovative designs and high-quality pickups that enhance the instrument’s acoustic characteristics in an amplified setup.

When a musician plucks or bows the strings of an electric double bass, the vibration sets off a chain reaction. As the strings vibrate, they induce a magnetic field in the pickups, which then convert these fluctuations into electrical signals. This process of converting mechanical energy into electrical signals is crucial for producing the distinct sound of the electric double bass.

NS Electric’s cutting-edge pickups, such as the NS Polarâ„¢ bridge pickup, are known for their sensitivity to subtle nuances in the vibrations, capturing the tonal richness and depth of the instrument. This meticulous capturing of nuances allows for the natural acoustic characteristics of the electric double bass to shine through, even when amplified in larger venues. The result is a faithful representation of the instrument’s natural timbre and resonance, providing a captivating sonic experience for both the performer and the audience.

What Are the Different Types of Electric Double Basses?

Electric double basses come in various designs, including solid body, semi-hollow body, and acoustic-electric models, each offering distinct tonal characteristics and playability options. These instruments feature diverse scale lengths and afterlength configurations to accommodate different playing preferences and musical styles.

For instance, solid body electric double basses are known for their sleek, modern designs and are often favored by musicians looking for a more pronounced and sustained tonal quality. On the other hand, semi-hollow body models strike a balance between resonance and feedback resistance, making them suitable for various genres. Acoustic-electric models combine the warm, natural sound of an acoustic bass with the convenience of electric amplification, offering versatile playability for different performance settings.

Solid Body Electric Double Bass

The solid body electric double bass offers a focused and direct sound, resembling the punchy resonance of a kick drum, making it an excellent choice for modern music styles. Instruments equipped with Hipshot Ultralite Tuning Machines provide precise and stable tuning, enhancing the overall performance experience.

One of the defining characteristics of solid body electric double basses is their ability to produce a clear and defined sound that cuts through the mix, allowing bassists to be heard distinctly in a band setting. The unique construction of these instruments, often made from solid wood or composite materials, contributes to their focused sound projection.

Due to their responsive nature and emphasis on clarity, solid body electric double basses are well-suited for genres such as jazz fusion, rock, and funk where articulation and a defined low-end presence are essential.

The use of Hipshot Ultralite Tuning Machines not only facilitates precise tuning, but also contributes to the overall weight distribution and balance of the instrument, allowing for comfortable extended play with minimal fatigue. This, combined with the solid body design, enables musicians to explore a wide range of playing techniques and styles, while the reliability of the tuning machines ensures consistent performance.

Semi-hollow Body Electric Double Bass

The semi-hollow body electric double bass combines the warmth of acoustic resonance with the enhanced sustain of electric instruments, providing a versatile sonic palette.

These basses are known for their rich, resonant tones that blur the line between traditional acoustic sound and modern electric power.

The GHS Precision Flatwound String Set ensures smooth, warm tones, making it a popular choice for jazz and blues players.

On the other hand, the Lenzner Steel-Core Fifths Tuning Set offers extended sustain and articulation, ideal for genres that demand precise note definition and clarity.

When paired with innovative pickup configurations, these string and tuning combinations produce a unique blend of acoustic warmth and electric sustain, offering musicians a wide range of expressive possibilities.

Acoustic-electric Double Bass

The acoustic-electric double bass integrates the natural acoustic resonance of a traditional instrument with built-in electronics for amplified performance, offering the best of both worlds.

Not only do these instruments produce rich, resonant acoustic tones, but their built-in electronics allow for versatile tonal shaping and amplification, which is especially beneficial for live performances and recording sessions.

The Eminence Bass, with its sophisticated preamp and pickup system, and the Dean Pace Contra Bass, known for its warm, balanced sound, are prime examples of the meticulous integration of acoustic and electric components in acoustic-electric double basses.

The Aria SWB showcases the artful blend of traditional craftsmanship with modern technology, making it a popular choice among discerning musicians seeking both acoustic purity and amplified power.

What Are the Benefits of Using an Electric Double Bass?

What Are the Benefits of Using an Electric Double Bass? - Electric Double Bass The Low End of the Electric String Spectrum

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The use of electric double basses offers significant advantages, including enhanced portability and versatility, making them suitable for diverse musical settings and performance requirements. NS Design Basses exemplify these benefits through their innovative designs and exceptional tonal flexibility.

Electric double basses provide musicians with the flexibility to adapt to various performance environments, as they are not limited by the need for amplification. Their portability makes them ideal for musicians who frequently travel or perform in smaller venues. With advancements in amplification technology, electric double basses deliver a consistent and clear sound, ensuring that the nuances of the instrument can be appreciated in a wide range of musical genres.


The portability of electric double basses is a key asset, as modern designs offer lightweight and compact options that facilitate ease of transportation and setup for musicians on the go.

One of the specific advantages contributing to the portability of electric double basses is their lightweight construction, often utilizing materials like carbon fiber or lightweight woods to reduce overall weight without compromising on sound quality. Their compact design allows for easy assembly and disassembly, making them convenient for travel and performances in various settings.


Electric double basses offer exceptional versatility, providing tonal flexibility and adaptability for various performance settings and musical genres. NS Design Basses are renowned for their versatile tonal capabilities and ergonomic designs that cater to diverse playing styles.

These innovative instruments are crafted to deliver unparalleled sound quality and responsiveness, making them ideal for jazz, classical, rock, and pop performances. The NS Design Basses incorporate advanced electronics and specialized pickups to capture the nuances of the player’s technique, ensuring a seamless transition from intimate solo performances to high-energy ensemble settings.

Volume Control

Electric double basses provide convenient volume control options, allowing precise sound management for stage performances and studio recordings. NS Design Basses incorporate advanced electronics for seamless volume adjustment and tonal shaping capabilities.

Unlike traditional acoustic basses, electric double basses offer volume control functionalities that cater to the dynamic requirements of live performances and recording sessions. Musicians can effortlessly adjust the sound output, ensuring optimal balance and clarity without compromising tonal quality.

The integration of innovative electronics by NS Design enhances the versatility and adaptability of electric double basses, give the power toing bassists to achieve their desired sonic expression with precision and ease. In the ever-evolving music industry, the flexibility of electric basses with adjustable volume settings establishes them as essential tools for modern bassists across diverse genres and performance settings.

What Are the Drawbacks of Using an Electric Double Bass?

Despite their numerous advantages, electric double basses may present drawbacks related to sound quality and cost considerations. NS Design Basses addresses these concerns through their commitment to high-quality craftsmanship and innovative solutions.

One of the main challenges associated with electric double basses is the potential compromise in sound quality compared to traditional acoustic instruments. Due to the electronic amplification and the absence of natural resonance, some players find that electric double basses may lack the warm and organic tones of acoustic counterparts.

The cost of high-quality electric double basses can be substantial. Brands like Yamaha and Stagg have sought to address these concerns by incorporating advanced sound modeling and signal processing technologies to enhance the tonal characteristics, offering players a more authentic and dynamic playing experience. Despite these efforts, it’s important for musicians to carefully evaluate the trade-offs and consider their specific performance needs before investing in an electric double bass.”

Sound Quality

Sound quality considerations are essential when evaluating electric double basses, as they should aim to replicate the natural resonance and tonal characteristics of traditional acoustic instruments.

Manufacturers like NS Design Basses prioritize authentic tonal reproduction and natural resonance in their electric bass models, ensuring that players experience the rich, organic sound associated with traditional acoustic basses. This commitment to tonal authenticity involves meticulous craftsmanship and the integration of advanced technologies to capture the subtle nuances of acoustic bass tones, resulting in a harmonious fusion of modern innovation and classic musical heritage.


The cost of electric double basses can be a significant consideration, especially for musicians seeking a reliable and high-quality instrument without exceeding their budget. NS Design Basses offers a range of options that cater to different investment levels while ensuring exceptional performance and craftsmanship.

While seeking an electric double bass, it’s crucial to weigh the quality against the cost.

For those interested in budget-friendly options, Yamaha provides a line of electric double basses known for their solid construction and affordable price points.

On the other hand, for musicians with a higher investment capacity, NS Design Basses’ top-tier models deliver unparalleled sound and construction, making them a worthwhile long-term investment.


The maintenance requirements of electric double basses should be considered, as proper care and upkeep are crucial for preserving their performance and longevity. NS Design Basses provides guidance and resources for maintaining and optimizing their electric bass instruments.

It is essential to regularly inspect the strings, bridge, and neck of an electric double bass to ensure that they are free from any damage or wear. Proper cleaning and polishing of the instrument’s body and components are also vital to maintain its visual appeal and structural integrity. Keeping the instrument in a controlled environment, away from extreme temperatures and humidity, can prevent warping or cracking of the wood and minimize the risk of electronic malfunctions. NS Design Basses offers specific care recommendations to help players keep their electric double basses in optimal condition, enhancing their overall playing experience and extending the instrument’s lifespan.

How to Choose the Right Electric Double Bass for You?

Selecting the ideal electric double bass involves considering factors such as your playing style, the quality of materials and construction, and the overall sound and electronics performance. NS Design Basses offers a diverse range of options that cater to individual preferences and professional requirements.

When choosing an electric double bass, your playing style profoundly influences the instrument’s characteristics. For jazz or rock, you might opt for a different sound compared to classical or experimental genres. The construction quality plays a significant role in the bass’s durability and playability, and NS Design Basses is known for their high-quality materials and craftsmanship.

The sound and electronics performance can vary greatly among electric double basses. It’s essential to consider factors such as tonal versatility, pickup options, and control over the instrument’s amplified sound. NS Design Basses’ range encompasses instruments that cater to a wide spectrum of tonal preferences, from warm and traditional to modern and experimental.

Consider Your Playing Style

Choosing an electric double bass that aligns with your playing style is paramount, as different musical genres and performance techniques may require specific tonal characteristics and ergonomic designs. NS Design Basses caters to diverse playing styles and genre preferences through their innovative instrument lineup.

The tonal characteristics play a crucial role in the sound produced by an electric double bass. For instance, jazz musicians often seek a warm, mellow tone, while rock and pop artists may prefer a brighter, more articulate sound. The ergonomic design of the instrument can significantly impact comfort during extended playing sessions, with NS Design Basses incorporating features such as adjustable shoulder rests and lightweight materials to enhance the player’s experience.

Check the Quality of Materials and Construction

Assessing the quality of materials and construction is essential when evaluating electric double basses, as durability, craftsmanship, and structural integrity directly impact their long-term performance. NS Design Basses emphasizes meticulous craftsmanship and durable materials in their instrument construction.

Electric double basses are subjected to considerable tension and stress during performances and practice sessions, making the choice of materials and construction methods critical. The commitment to high-quality materials and precise construction by manufacturers such as NS Design Basses ensures that the instrument can withstand these demands without compromise. Durable materials, such as high-grade woods and strong metals, contribute to the integrity of the instrument, allowing it to deliver consistent performance over time.

Test the Sound and Electronics

Conducting sound tests and evaluating the electronic components of electric double basses are crucial steps in determining their tonal performance and pickup system suitability. NS Design Basses incorporates advanced pickup systems and sound management features in their electric bass models for enhanced tonal capabilities.

When testing the sound, it is vital to analyze the resonance and harmonic response across the frequency range. This process involves examining the sensitivity and dynamic range of the pickup systems, assessing the clarity of the signal, and ensuring minimal interference from external noise. The evaluation of electronic components such as preamps and EQ controls is essential to gauge their impact on shaping the overall tonal qualities of the instrument.

NS Design’s innovative pickup systems, such as the Polar Pickup System, offer a seamless integration of the bridge and fingerboard transducers, resulting in a rich, natural sound with exceptional articulation and sustain. The sound management features, including active circuitry and custom-tailored EQ controls, allow performers to extensively shape and adjust their sound, providing a high degree of versatility and tonal control.

How to Properly Set Up and Maintain an Electric Double Bass?

Properly setting up and maintaining an electric double bass involves key tasks such as adjusting the bridge and string height, cleaning and replacing strings, and regular maintenance and care routines.

NS Design Basses provides comprehensive resources and guidance for optimizing the setup and maintenance of their electric bass instruments.

When adjusting the bridge, make sure it is centered and perpendicular to the instrument’s body, which is crucial for proper intonation and playability.

String maintenance includes regular cleaning with a soft cloth and appropriate cleaning solution, as well as periodic replacement to maintain optimal tone and playability.

With regular maintenance, check for any signs of wear on the hardware, such as loose screws or worn-out components, and address them promptly to prevent performance issues.

Adjusting the Bridge and String Height

The proper adjustment of the bridge and string height is crucial for optimizing the setup and action of an electric double bass, directly influencing its playability and tonal performance. NS Design Basses offers comprehensive guidelines and technical support for bridge and string height adjustments on their electric bass models.

When the bridge and string height are properly set, it ensures that the strings resonate effectively, producing a rich and balanced tone. These adjustments also impact the instrument’s responsiveness and ease of play, allowing for smooth transitions between notes and comfortable finger positioning.

NS Design Basses’ dedication to providing detailed setup instructions and knowledgeable technical support allows musicians to achieve an ideal playing experience with their electric basses. By following their guidance, players can fine-tune the instrument to suit their playing style and preferences, enhancing their overall performance and creativity.

Cleaning and Replacing Strings

Regular cleaning and conscientious replacement of strings are essential maintenance practices for preserving the tonal clarity and performance consistency of an electric double bass. NS Design Basses offers insights and best practices for string care and maintenance on their electric bass models.

Ensuring that the strings on an electric double bass are kept clean and well-maintained plays a crucial role in upholding the instrument’s sonic quality and playability. Regular cleaning helps remove accumulated dirt, oils, and rosin residue, preventing them from dampening the sound or affecting the intonation. Conscientious replacement of worn-out or corroded strings can significantly contribute to a consistent and responsive tone, allowing musicians to maintain desired articulation.

NS Design Basses, renowned for their innovative electric bass designs, emphasizes the importance of proper string care and replacement to uphold the optimal performance of their instruments. Their guidance encompasses recommendations for cleaning agents, techniques, and the frequency of string replacements, tailored to their specific electric bass models. By following these manufacturer-recommended practices, musicians can ensure that their NS Design electric double basses deliver the intended tonal richness and sonic clarity consistently.

Regular Maintenance and Care

Consistent maintenance and attentive care are essential for maximizing the performance longevity and preserving the tonal characteristics of an electric double bass. NS Design Basses offers comprehensive guidance and resources for regular upkeep and care of their electric bass instruments.

Regular maintenance involves keeping the instrument clean and properly humidified, checking and adjusting the string height and intonation, and inspecting the electronic components for any issues. It is advisable to follow the manufacturer’s specific maintenance recommendations, such as those provided by NS Design Basses, to ensure the best care practices for the instrument.

Taking proactive steps to address any minor issues promptly can prevent more significant problems and costly repairs in the future, ultimately preserving the instrument’s optimal performance and tonal quality.