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Portuguese Nu Disco producer Francisco Pereira better known as KICKo, has been quite active lately. After finishing his degree in sound engineering in London, he has been traveling all over the globe. Last time we chat on Facebook he was in South Africa.  I don’t know how he gets time to produce, because he has […]

I’ve been keeping this track secretly for some time now and I’ve played it for the crowd and the result was really nice. I was already expecting it because this is really fresh and it’s full of Summer mood! Today I asked KICKo if he could give it away for free and he was so […]

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Here’s a very cool remix from the Portuguese (just like me) producer Francisco Pereira aka KICKo for Charlotte Gainsbourg’s “Paradisco”. Here at GS we have high expectations of what he’s going to do in 2012. Since we discovered his music we have been blogging and posting on face a bunch of his remixes and originals. […]

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BIG shout to KICKo for this remix. He made a really great work for the Italian Indie Rock Band The Gordon Setter. I didn’t know this band, and i had to check the original. I was really impressed with this one. If you are following KICKo you will find interesting the way he has been […]

Artwork by Augusto Rocha We are proud to present our Christmas Compilation. It only has 4 tracks, but all of them were produced with love and dedication. It has been such a great year. We have shared a lot of music, including these amazing artists that are featuring in this compilation. This time we have […]

Categories: Disco, Funk, House, Nu Disco
Categories: Disco, Free Mp3, Funk, House, Nu Disco

Artwork by Dalila Couto On October 22nd i had another nice chat with João Machado trough Skype. This time i was preparing myself to fly to Oporto for our blog party. Like usual he had a “huge” conversation about a lot of music…. we completely loose notion of time. Sometimes we even keep talking about […]

From, Oporto, Portugal, Francisco Pereira is the man who gives life to KICKo. Probably you haven’t heard about him before, however by the age of 16 he was already playing in clubs all over the city. For professional reasons he had to stop for a couple of years, but now he is back. At the […]

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