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In Flagranti‘s weekly new jam! Like usual very creative kind of music accompanied with an “artistic” video. To be released on juno next Monday, March 26. Enjoy..!

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Here’s the music video for In Flagranti‘s “Autoscopy” which belongs to their weekly tracks. Available on Juno, next Monday, March 19th. Enjoy…!

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Mouth aka Luca Fontaneto is a solo project of an Italian producer from Milan, which eventually started like a duo project, together with Federico Martelli, sounding quite different from what he is heading towards now. You may or may not remember this guy also for his former music experiences, for being the drummer from Hot […]

More news from D.I.S.C.O.Texas. This time Lazydisco is coming with a super EP full of “fresh juice” to refresh your Summer. Fred Oliveira aka Rockets aka Lazydisco is the man beyond this project which was born in 2010. This is his debut EP. However, this has already been played all over the world by many […]

Copenhagen and music it’s an association that can’t be missed. In the last 6 years Tomas Barfod, Tomas Hoffding and Jeppe Kjellberg AKA Who Made Who had made a serious contribution for this fact. Since their first releases in 2004, that include Beni Benassi cover of Satisfaction, with a punk funk feeling , till now, […]

Next May In Flagranti releases a new album called “Worse For Wear”. For what I have been listening, this is going to be huge. I’m totally convinced about it . Probably you will think that I’m exaggerating, but I’m pretty sure that this is going to be played everywhere. After “Brash & Vulgar” they have […]

Guess i’ve never said before that it’s hard when i can’t find at least one good song everyday…like Guiness …a song a day puts the dog away ! Today i was loosing hope and was quitting on my digging but suddenly i found a gold stone. Found together Mix Hell (Original),Mumbai Science, In Flagranti and […]

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