Golden Scissors


Artwork by Mousse Studio /// – – Despite all the immensity of music that is daily released everywhere, it’s definitely not easy task to put together one hundred free songs. Of course we could just follow any chart that is probably based/made by statistics (number of plays), but we honestly think it’s so […]

Artwork by Mousse Studio /// – – Today is happy day for our crew! Our blog is finally back on track and we’re finally dropping some of our favorite free tunes of 2013. We started our little project not so long ago, but we can’t complain when we talk about the massive support […]

“Blue Sunday” is the second unveiled single from UK duo Maribou State forthcoming “Truths EP,” to be released via Southern Fried Records on October 28. We’ve been digging almost everything the duo has been releasing. For instance, their recent remix of Fatboy Slim’s epic tune “Praise You” |listen here| has been on loop, as well […]

Photo by David Ross /// For some Christians, Sunday is observed as a day for worship of God and rest, due to the belief that it is Lord’s Day, the day of Christ’s resurrection. Sunday is a day of rest in most Western countries, part of ‘the weekend’. In some Muslim countries, Sunday is a […]

We have excellent news just before the beginning of another promising weekend! German producer Marius Lauber (aka Roosevelt) is responsible for one of our favorite tracks from 2013! To be more precise, it happened about 11 months ago. “Soleil” |listen here| instantly grabbed our attention, especially for its innovative elegant disco touch, together with a […]

Mitch Murder is one of those producers that never goes out of style! Every time he drops a new track, it seems like that he’s always getting more and more following. Murder keeps feeding those faithful ears with the sound of the retro classic 80’s synthesizer. Every single release is just another passport heading us […]

NY-based producer Miley Cyrus (aka Germany Germany) released today a new album called “Solar System.” The new work is basically a compilation of his past releases, featuring as well some brand new tracks for our pleasure delight. Initially, we were planning to pusblish only one unreleased track, but after listening to the whole thing, we […]

Writing about music nowadays is becoming more difficult than ever. It’s like swimming in an ocean full of amazing sounds being delivered everyday. Sometimes I feel completely forceless, because I want to write a good review about a piece, but at the same time there’s not much time available, basically, because I’m already thinking about […]

During 2012 Greco-Roman delivered great music by great artists and we can only thank them for being so good to us. If you go back and revisit their past releases, you can only conclude that they have been dropping one winner after another. We had Totally Extinct Enormous Dinosaurs releasing the massive “Garden,” followed by […]