Golden Scissors


Can you picture the perfect wedding? Musically speaking, of course… Well, if you can’t, just listen to Satin Jackets’ remix for Moullinex’s “Take a Chance”! We love the original track – it’s really amazing how can Luís Clara Gomes touch our hearts and make us dance at the same time – but the rework by […]

Artwork by Mousse Studio /// – – Despite all the immensity of music that is daily released everywhere, it’s definitely not easy task to put together one hundred free songs. Of course we could just follow any chart that is probably based/made by statistics (number of plays), but we honestly think it’s so […]

If you remember, a couple months ago we posted an excellent single titled “So Fine,” which is one of the finest cuts from Canadian multi-instrumentalist and producer, Pomo. Since the first moment we heard his music we knew that there’s something special and unique behind it. Today the Montreal producer shared a new single titled […]

Here comes the summer. We are just a few days away from the summer solistice and what a better way to commemorate that than with a lovely mixtape by the tropical master, Monsieur Zimmer. As our fans know by now we’re fans of these shiny mixtapes of the so called horizontal disco. Once again the […]

Luís Clara Gomes, aka Moullinex, is arguably the most prominent Portuguese Disco producers of the last decade. Over the years we have heard numerous collaborations with worldwide talented artists, and the solo project keeps being reinvented with an interesting and personal sound aesthetic. Today we have the chance to listen to a new original single […]

2014 has been a great year so far for French producer Terence N’guyen, aka Darius. We already heard “Espoir” |listen here|, which is our favourite cut from the excellent 5-track EP “Romance,” and more recently the excellent remix of MØ’s hit “Don’t Wanna Dance” |listen here|. We don’t know which will be Terence’s next move, […]

I think we all agree that La Roux‘s comeback has been truly exciting! After a long period of silence we couldn’t be happier about the new album! Yesterday the duo unveiled a new single titled “Tropical Chancer,” which is already the third track that we’re hearing from “Trouble in Paradise.” Once again, we can’t stop […]

If you remember, about a year we posted a superb Summer single titled “Night Drive In Moscow” |listen here| from young Russian producer, 5 Reasons. To be honest, it seems like it was yesterday when we heard the track for the first time. Today we’re being gifted with another smooth and ethereal production titled “Tales […]

Artwork by Mousse Studio /// – – Wow! February was truly massive when we talk about quality/quantity! You will find below 24 Golden Tracks and 21 Free Downloads. Well, there’s nothing to complain about ! It’s seems that 2014 is starting off pretty well, and we’re hoping that next month we will also […]