Golden Scissors


Did you ever had that feeling that something big is about to happen but you just don’t know what? Well, today was one of those days here at Golden Scissors and I think you already know where this is going. Queen Bjork just announced that her latest album Vulnicure will be released worldwide over the […]

Artwork by Mousse Studio /// – – Despite all the immensity of music that is daily released everywhere, it’s definitely not easy task to put together one hundred free songs. Of course we could just follow any chart that is probably based/made by statistics (number of plays), but we honestly think it’s so […]

Here’s a gorgeous track called “Try It Over,” which is taken from Melbourne’s trio Yujen forthcoming debut EP. The piece has been on loop here at Golden Scissors and we thought it would be perfect to share with out readers, just before another promising weekend! “Try It Over” is a delightful and elegant mixture of sound […]

There are some days that you don’t know what to listen and everything sounds really strange… I wanted to write about something sounding perfect to my ears! This is our second post about the genius of Chilly Gonzales. Seems like his music is made for “everyone”. No doubt this is perfect to listen anytime, anywhere. […]

Who doesn’t know the man performing in his pajama, walking bare-feet over the piano keys with an iPad on his hands?????? Some dose of eccentricity is not the only unusual characteristic of Chilly Gonzales. The man who “Never Stops” work as much by himself as within collaborations, among the latest names like Feist, Peaches, Jane Birkin […]