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Hi, Sami here writing from the lovely Helsinki, Finland. I’ll be reviewing new music from time to time here on Golden Scissors. First and formost a massive thanks to the hard working staff at Golden Scissors (especially Bruno) for this chance to do reviews for their amazing blog. This makes a music lover like myself […]

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Today’s spotlight goes entirely to Xinobi‘s latest EP “Pirates”. Before talking about this work, I’m just going to make a small review of his career, just in case you’ve been sleeping these last couple of years. I’m not going to talk about my admiration for his work, which is not new. I’m just going to […]

From Gorizia a city in the north east of Italy we have Borut Viola aka Scuola Furano, probably is one of the most talented producers that Italy gave to the world. My respect for his music comes from the very first time I faced his sound. There’s no such thing as lucky to make things […]

No need to introduce you Kris Menace. Well, for those who still need to  go back to class, here is a small biography of the man.  Christophe Hoeffel, his real name,  began to use his moniker in 2005, when he collaborated with Lifelike, to release “Discopolis”. He’s also responsible, with his partners in crime Alan […]

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This week we’ve had the pleasure to take a listen to our good friend Joel Azevedo’s new EP. Known as Silenx, this Portuguese producer released his first EP ‘Kaleidoscope’ last November through Boombar Music bringing us his heavily 80’s synthesizer funk influenced dreamwave which captivated us from the first second. He moves between squelchy Moog […]

Over the past few years the Portuguese electronic music scene has been rapidly expanding with a huge amount of new producers. Since Xinobi and Moullinex appeared, I think they have passed a message; besides living in a small country it’s possible to make good music and also to be side by side with the bigger producers. […]

Hello, Hello I’m a newbie in this blog game, so for my first review I wanted to write about something that is really appealing to me. I took a shot at it when Bruno, boss and slave at you know what, hooked me up with this amazing album of Miami Nights 1984’s Turbulence. Michael Glover […]

Everyone is talking about dubstep these days, but we’ve been observing that the Chicago’s house trend (so 90’s by the way), is gaining strength among producers lately. As every style that is back from the past, it comes with a renovated air, and that’s also the case of this week’s review. French house master Joakim […]

It’s definitely not a beginning for this folks from London. But, like they say, sometimes you need to have the feeling of a brand-new start, in about everything in Life. Says who? They’re called In Fields, a project uniting Raoul Marks and Ed Cox. It all started in London, when going out to clubs after some late night […]