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Photo – São Miguel, Azores /// Author – João Correia /// Facebook – Facebook/AveseNaturezanosAçores /// Holy Sounday Golden Family! Normally, during the week when we are searching for new tunes we always end up stumbling across smooth and sweet pieces that are just perfect as Sunday soundtrack. We always try to post music from less […]

Cut Copy‘s latest album “Free Your Mind” is still making waves around the Blogosphere. A couple minutes ago, Modular People dropped an excellent rendition from Greek producer Larry Gus for the single “We Are Explorers.” This one totally overcomes any barrier when talk about tagging music genres. Definitely one of the most creative remixes we […]

Last year when we interviewed RAC we asked him about his favorite producer at the time, and the answer was, Cashmere Cat! We felt it was an honest answer and equally admiration by André towards the Norwegian Production. It’s clear that Cashmere Cat created something especial, modern, vibrant, massive, and totally innovative! He definitely joins […]

Since during this weekend we’re not posting another chapter of our “Holy Sounday” series, we decided by unanimity to share the excellent remix from Lil Sad of Tei Shi‘s gorgeous single “Neverming The End.” The original is taken from Brooklyn singer/producer highly acclaimed “Saudade” EP |listen here|, released last November – buy it on iTunes. The […]

Photo – São Miguel Island, Azores /// Author – João Correia /// Facebook – Facebook/AveseNaturezanosAçores /// Holy Sounday Golden Family! For today’s Sunday we have a great set of smooth sounds that we’ve been listening on repeat over here at Golden Scissors. As usual we’re featuring tracks from some of our favorite producers. Following the […]

Here’s an outstanding remix from Manchester band The 1975 of James Vincent McMorrow‘s track “Cavalier” from his highly acclaimed “Post Tropical” LP. The original single is quite massive already, but this version from 1975 brings a whole new perspective to the original. It’s honestly hard to describe in words the roller coast of emotions the […]

Artwork by Mousse Studio /// – – October was definitely a productive month! So, we have 9 Golden Tracks, and 16 Free Downloads! This month we had a bunch of great remixes, but not that great in terms of original material. Anyway, we can’t complain at all!  Check out all lists below, and […]

…. again, I’m totally sedated by the Sunday mood! Around here, there’s nothing much going on Sundays. The surrounding nature environment naturally encourage myself to listen, and write about slow and warm beats. For today’s Sunday I put together a collection of sounds I’ve been hearing a lot lately. As usual we always try to […]

From Lisbon, Portugal, Tiago Trole (aka Roulet) is without a doubt one of the most talented producers inside the country. Despite being so young, he already produced plenty of original material that got national attention. As you may know, here in Portugal (small country), we have amazing producers such as Moullinex, Xinobi, or even André […]