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A couple months ago i blogged this astonishing track produced by two of the most exciting Portuguese producers/Dj’s. It’s not deep or disco. It’s a banger techno track! Are you surprised? Well, I could not stay indifferent to this massive production. This is 9 minutes of pure madness. This track called “Zebras” is the first […]

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It flows music, rather than blood, through French veins… Benoit Heitz, age 26, electro dj-producer and part-time graphic designer, born in southern France and now located in Paris. Better known as Surkin. USA, the name of his first long-awaited album. As you may know, a full-length album takes probably more time then singles and Ep’s […]

Raik Krause and Robert Nickel are Hey Today!. I believe first track i heard from them was “Walk Trough” and i instantly felt in love by this massive sound. While i’m writing this post i’m listening to “Walk Trough” and it feels AWESOME! Just for you to have an idea, they have been everywhere, working […]

Poker Flat Recordings is alive more than ever. I can tell you that they putted together all stars in this compilation. I feel so proud to write about this because I grew up listening names like Steve Bug or Martin Landsky. I took an exert from their post: “The album amasses an all star cast […]

Adam G is a producer from Australia!! I don’t know anything about him but I was listening his soundcloud and i just love some stuff, he have power!!! I want do drop this impressed and smooth remix!! Hope you like it! Enjoy ma friends Follow Golden Scissors on Facebook

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