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Artwork by Mousse Studio /// – – Despite all the immensity of music that is daily released everywhere, it’s definitely not easy task to put together one hundred free songs. Of course we could just follow any chart that is probably based/made by statistics (number of plays), but we honestly think it’s so […]

Photo – São Miguel, Azores /// Author – João Correia /// Facebook – Facebook/AveseNaturezanosAçores /// Holy Sounday Golden Family! Normally, during the week when we are searching for new tunes we always end up stumbling across smooth and sweet pieces that are just perfect as Sunday soundtrack. We always try to post music from less […]

Every single Sunday, we automatically feel a natural need of hear and share smooth and “sofa beats.” It’s like a religious routine after a week of intense work, stress, and too much heat, especially during this time of the season. While I’m writing this post in my backyard, I have the privilege of looking at […]

Young prodigious UK producer, Ciaran McDonald a.k.a. Bear//Face, is finally back! Today he decided to gift us with an excellent edit of James Blake’s “Voyeur.” As you already know we’re truly addicted to his golden touch. With only 19 years old, Ciaran is becoming a serious case of success around the blogosphere. In case you’re […]

Here at Golden Scissors we’re not fans of premiering releases. We believe that nobody detains the rights of a certain artist/act. Although, we’re opening an exception this time because our entire crew is in love for this remix from the UK duo Just Kiddin of King Dinosaur‘s “How To Feel.” If you’ve heard already the […]

The young Yume, a.k.a Jesse Taylor, is back! And this time with a tremendous bang. The 18 year old experimental dream hip hop artist from New Jersey has honestly stolen our hearts with his new song of his called ‘Admire’ which is pure magic. The fact that we had to ban ourselves from listening to […]

Artwork by Marco Silva – Mousse Studio We know that 2012 is over, but we really wanted to put all our favorite remixes together without missing any of them. So, we’ve been doing this list very slowly and have thought about all the remixes that were played on repeat. Honestly, we don’t even know how […]

Here’s a nice mini free-compilation by Friends of Friends Music or just FOF music featuring a lot of newcomers/favorite producers at the moment. You will find here 7 tracks which are just too good not be shared. I have been listening to these tunes on repeat, and time has just flown by! It was so hard to […]