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This one’s for all the people wanting a new dreamy electro song. Daniel Snaith released a new track of a forthcoming album under the moniker Caribou. Last time we heard him was as Daphni, with his more oriented club production style. Daniel has been releasing records since 2001, with influences from folk, psychedelic pop and […]

It’s not normal for us to feature this kind of sound around here. So where to start? I’m not even going to debate about the multitude of variations on electronic music and our main policy is that “if it’s good, we post”. This one stumbled upon us and we felt that we should share even […]

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Ghostly International is releasing a deluxe compilation called “Of Art And Artifice: A Ghostly International Exhibition” featuring great artists such as Gold Panda, Com Truise, Tycho or Matthew Dear. I’ve picked up Fort Romeau’s edit of Beacon’s “Feeling’s Gone,” Tensnake’s remix of Osborne’s “16th Stage,”  and Certain Creatures Remix of School Of Seven Bells “When […]

If you couldn’t get enough of Lemonade‘s chillwave hit “Neptune,” you’re going to love Jacques Renault‘s take on the track in his latest remix. Going for a more tribal house feel, Renault strips a lot from the original in order to replace it with floor-stomping basslines, tropical percussion, and two-step melodies that are perfect for […]

I’ve been following Beni for as long as i can remember. I love the way he works his tracks. His touch is always “that” extra of something else. All his remixes are different, probably that’s why i love his work so much. After remixing for the likes of  Gotye, Flight Facilities, Tiga, La Roux and […]

Today i feel motivated to write about things i can’t buy (unfortunately)… Dan Levy and Olivia Bouyssou Merilahti compose the french/finnish duo named “The Dø”. They both come from the classical branch of music and started working together in 2005, making music for cinema, dance and theatre. Still in 2005 “The Dø” released their fist […]

The Chillean techno producer that, has “infected”, for more then a decade the clicks’n’cuts aesthetics German techno with it’s warm genre blended notes, has returned to Chile to go on with his craft of putting South America in the annals of electronic genre. In 2010 Matias Aguayo made the world whisper Ay Ay Ay for a long […]

In 2008 i had a Turbo 58 (The Worm), in 2010 a Turbo 90 (ZZAfrika) and now i’m about to go to the drug store next door to buy some Prozac while waiting for the powerful Turbo 100 (ZZAfrika Remixes EP)! Who’s fault is it?????? WOO!!! Florian Senfter  (Zombie Nation) and Tiga are guilty for […]

Trentmoller is a giant of the electronic scene. There was a time that everyone new at least one or two tracks from this amazing producer. Although I have never played his music on my Dj sets, I totally respect his style and career. His first album came out in 2006 and it was called “Last […]