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Photo – São Miguel, Azores /// Author – João Correia /// Facebook – Facebook/AveseNaturezanosAçores /// Holy Sounday Golden Family! Normally, during the week when we are searching for new tunes we always end up stumbling across smooth and sweet pieces that are just perfect as Sunday soundtrack. We always try to post music from less […]

Photo – São Miguel Island, Azores /// Author – João Correia /// Facebook – Facebook/AveseNaturezanosAçores /// Holy Sounday Golden Family! For today’s Sunday we have a great set of smooth sounds that we’ve been listening on repeat over here at Golden Scissors. As usual we’re featuring tracks from some of our favorite producers. Following the […]

Photo – Azores, São Miguel Island /// Author – João Correia /// Facebook – Facebook/AveseNaturezanosAçores /// Here’s our first Holy Sounday set of 2014! Before heading the main issue of our post, we want to thank everyone who has been reposting our sets on Soundcloud. It means a lot to us, since the majority of […]

Photo – Azores, Flores Island Author – Unknown We’re honestly proud to share with our readers another chapter of our Holy Sounday series. It’s always a great way to relax and dedicate some words to people who devote some time of their life producing emotional and deep sonorities. Definitely one of our favorite posts of […]

…. again, I’m totally sedated by the Sunday mood! Around here, there’s nothing much going on Sundays. The surrounding nature environment naturally encourage myself to listen, and write about slow and warm beats. For today’s Sunday I put together a collection of sounds I’ve been hearing a lot lately. As usual we always try to […]

 Summer is officially over… after waking up today and feel rain under my skin, I can’t just pretend anymore that the sun is shinning outside. Depiste all the coldness invading my soul, I have puttted together another package of chilled, tepid, and hazy sounds, which, instantly makes me revisit with a smile on my face […]

Photo by David Ross /// For some Christians, Sunday is observed as a day for worship of God and rest, due to the belief that it is Lord’s Day, the day of Christ’s resurrection. Sunday is a day of rest in most Western countries, part of ‘the weekend’. In some Muslim countries, Sunday is a […]

Every single Sunday, we automatically feel a natural need of hear and share smooth and “sofa beats.” It’s like a religious routine after a week of intense work, stress, and too much heat, especially during this time of the season. While I’m writing this post in my backyard, I have the privilege of looking at […]

Click play on the player below and scroll down! LuQuS – Just like you Soundcloud: Facebook: … and here’s another lazy Sunday pack full of dreamy and cozy beats…. Today we’re starting our Holy Set with an ace skilled single titled “Just Like You” from London based producer LuQuS. We don’t know much […]

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