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Here at Golden Scissors we are constantly in the quest of finding great new music for all of you. It really doesn’t matter so much if the music is from a well established artist or from someone nobody knows about. For us it’s all about the music and if we really love it we’ll do […]

Artwork by Mousse Studio /// – – Despite all the immensity of music that is daily released everywhere, it’s definitely not easy task to put together one hundred free songs. Of course we could just follow any chart that is probably based/made by statistics (number of plays), but we honestly think it’s so […]

‘Melancholia’ is the new EP of brother-duo X3SR and we could not let it go. The EP features six tracks as the result of their electronic orderly disorder and if all of this is not enough, they give it for free (you will find it here). We have taken an eye at ‘How You Feel’, the […]

Tycho is set to release new album ‘Awake’ on March 17th (Ghostly International). Behind this name hides Scott Hansen, a San Francisco-based producer who apart from creating dazzling and cinematic ambiances, he also designs his own graphic art-work (as iso50). In 2011 he debuted with ‘Dive’, a brilliant album full of electronic elements in which  analogue and digital worlds […]

Photo – São Miguel, Azores /// Author – João Correia /// Facebook – Facebook/AveseNaturezanosAçores /// Holy Sounday Golden Family! Normally, during the week when we are searching for new tunes we always end up stumbling across smooth and sweet pieces that are just perfect as Sunday soundtrack. We always try to post music from less […]

Washed Out’s “Paracosm” is without a doubt one of the best albums we keep from 2013. It’s one of those pieces that we listen from the beginning until the end without feeling some sort of emptiness or disappointment. A piece of modern art that everyone should hear and absorb every single sound texture. While we […]

Here we go! Michael Di Francesco, aka Touch Sensitive, has finally returned with a brand new single! This time we’re being gifted with “Slowments,” which just like his previous releases it is already being widely loved across the globe. Di Francesco alongside with other compatriots is responsible for the huge hype around the Australian music […]

There has been a huge hype in the blogosphere around New Zealand’s Yumi Zouma self-titled debut EP, which is being released today by one of the finest and most accurate labels of the moment, Cascine. In celebration of the new release the UK based-label dropped a superb remix from Virginia’s Indie-pop band Wild Nothing for […]

We just came across by a stunning piece of music that totally deserves our love and full attention. You have probably heard about the New Zealand producer HIGH HØØPS. If not, consider yourself one of the most luckiest person in the world. We’ve been listening non-stop to his latest single “Magic Rain,” and we just […]