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Without a doubt that Jamie XX is one of my personal favorite DJ’s of the moment! Last month he played alongside with Carl Craig, and John Talabot at Red Bull Music Academy x Boiler Room in Miami . From everyone that played in that afternoon, his set was the only one I heard from the […]

Besides having a hilarious bio, in which one of them is said to have been, “a former Hip-Hop DJ who recently discovered his love for gay rock music and ethno-influenced 80s synthesizer pop,” the Swiss duo Mercury have recently decided to release an EP that includes remixes of their tracks Candlelight and  Running Back To […]

Jensen Sportag is Austin Wilkinson and Elvis Craig from Nashville, Tennessee. They recently made this stunning remix for Madi Diaz, and they are sharing it on soundcloud as a free download. Did you grab it already? Madi Diaz – Trust Fall (Down We Go Remix by Jensen Sportag) [download here] Follow Golden Scissors on Facebook

Design: Bruno Silva GOLDEN PARTY…. YEAH!!! Great feeling these days! I’m so proud of this party. I could never expect to have a blog party after 9 months of existence. Everything is happening so fast that i don’t even know what is waiting for me. Since i started this adventure of writing about music i […]

WHOA, this pack is amazing!!! I know i have just blogged a pack on Sunday, but there are so many excellent tapes around here that i had to make another one. while i’m writing this post i’m already regretting myself, because i have already checked our Soundcloud and there are a lot of new mixtapes. […]

Sundays, will always be lazy days…. For me it’s a good day to listen to mixtapes. I’m always doing something around the area and i really enjoy smooth music to follow my day. Today in the Azores Islands the weather was great. I meet some friends and we made a little tour around the city […]

Hello to all Golden Scissors, this is my 1st work here, so I decided to tell you a bit about a duo that makes me shiver from head to toe, it’s an honor to present you Metro Area. Metro Area is a super dance music production team composed of Morgan Geist and Darshan Jesrani. Hilariously, the two met through internet mailing lists. After collaborating under the names “Sage.” and […]

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Here we go for another another pack!!! This one is pure gold. It’s so hard to choose between so many good mixtapes around the world. Sometimes i feel bad to leave a lot of people i really dig, but i need to choose. I have decided to choose according to my state of mind. Lately […]

Luís Clara Gomes também conhecido como Moullinex é claramente um dos produtores nacionais que mais tem feito pelo nome do nosso país. Partilhando o seu tempo entre Alemanha e Portugal, Moullinex conta com uma carreira de sucesso, tornando-se uma referência tanto a nível interno, mas principalmente “fora de portas”. Desde muito cedo tenho vindo a […]