Golden Scissors


In celebration of 100k Soundcloud followers, Jeremy Malvin aka Chrome Sparks, is giving away a spectacular song called “tunnelrunner.” The piece was produced back in 2014, and since then it has been kept in secret on Malvin’s computer hard disk drive. Motivated by his own obsession with synths and a background in percussion, the Brooklyn-based […]

Last year when we interviewed RAC we asked him about his favorite producer at the time, and the answer was, Cashmere Cat! We felt it was an honest answer and equally admiration by André towards the Norwegian Production. It’s clear that Cashmere Cat created something especial, modern, vibrant, massive, and totally innovative! He definitely joins […]

This is almost self explanatory. This is another rendition of a mix of tracks Joakim played during 2012, including his own (of course), and tracks he listened to “over and over” as stated by the man himself. Knowing from what he produces or if you’ve seen some of his live shows (I’m fortunate to be […]

New Zealand, Auckland, Ben and Louis Helliker-Hales formerly known as Chaos In The CBD, are back with a new EP titled “Never Ending.” It’s the very first time we’re featuring the duo, however this is already their second EP. For a second release, they had the privilege to see their single “Never Ending” being remixed […]

Uk-based prolific producer known as Star Slinger just dropped a new single called “Take This Up.” Digging a lot the vocals as well as the energy all over this jam. As usual we’re facing another killer production. Also, you can’t miss Star Slinger’s show at Neumo Crystal Ball’s on 27th in and in Seattle and […]

Let’s put some groove in this afternoon with Cyclist‘s rework for The KayGees’s ‘Kilowatt’. This disco-funk tune was released in 1978 and the Toronto-based musician/producer says is one of his favorite records, we guess that’s why he wants to bring that spirit back. Definitely he’s done a great job, so if you want to get […]

I’m gonna be totally honest with you. I’m not the biggest fan of Ellie Goulding. In spite of what I have written. I’m truly in love for this astonishing remix from Uk young producer Great Skies for Ellie Goulding’s “Hanging On.” Before listening to this rework, I was expecting something much more “common,” but I’m […]

Here’s the fantastic remix from Uk duo AlunaGeorge for Florence, The Machine’s new single “Spectrum” (Say My Name). The original single, already got 1st place in the UK charts. I just don’t understand the lack of hype around this excellent rework. Hypnotic treatment of the original taking us into a vast dreamy world  of beautiful […]

As you may already know xxyyxx‘s “About You” easily got attention all over the blogosphere as one of the most brilliant tunes of 2012, specially for it’s creative video. I have been asking myself if there was any possibility to make a better remix of the original. I think it’s almost impossible. “About You” is […]