Golden Scissors


Let’s put some groove in this afternoon with Cyclist‘s rework for The KayGees’s ‘Kilowatt’. This disco-funk tune was released in 1978 and the Toronto-based musician/producer says is one of his favorite records, we guess that’s why he wants to bring that spirit back. Definitely he’s done a great job, so if you want to get […]

In my constant search for new, different and rich sound experiences i usually surf around the web or the huge list of demos that artists send us in my free time hoping that something arouses my full attention. This week, i would like to highlight a search by my own, BobbyTank. BobbyTank – Apollo Jest […]

Artwork by Dalila Couto A couple weeks ago we asked our followers what were their favorite tracks of 2011. We could have done our own top, but we have decided people should tell us, because all blogs are doing their own charts. If there is any track missing, we apologize for it, but i think […]

It flows music, rather than blood, through French veins… Benoit Heitz, age 26, electro dj-producer and part-time graphic designer, born in southern France and now located in Paris. Better known as Surkin. USA, the name of his first long-awaited album. As you may know, a full-length album takes probably more time then singles and Ep’s […]

Yes! Here I am again! Yes! Hopefully  I will be part of this jewelled ship’s crew from now on… Let’s breathe a new fresh air, directly from the jungle: BOOGALOO!  What does it lie this exotic name behind its tropical veins? A Portuguese duo-producers, both from Lisbon, Mario Hager and Tiago Amaro, who know each […]

Since i remember to listening to electronic music, DJ-Kicks series have been following me…. it’s like a reference that i try to keep dragging and also a way to discover amazing artists! Plus, !k7 have always been one of my favorite records. You can be sure that everything they are about to release is going […]

We could not miss the chance to talk about the first appearance from the Californian Nosa Thing in Portugal. He was “included” on Punch Magazine Release Party at MUSICBOX, which in my opinion represents the spirit of this online project. If i was in Lisbon, surely i would not miss this event full of quality […]

From Portugal, Lisbon, Roulet is the alter ego used by Tiago Trole to express himself as producer from two very distinct worlds. We can separate his productions between slow bpm’s and music made directly to the dancefloor. According to his point of view, his music basically reflects his life experiences for what his see and […]