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Essaie pas - Le port du masque est de rigueur [vidéo officielle]

Canadian duo Essaie pas, Marie Davidson and Pierre Guerineau, are just about a month away from releasing their debut album entitled “Demain Est Une Autre Nuit,” via DFA Records. Essaie pas’ music combines 80’s dark synthpop with techno, and some sporadic disco appointments. According to Marie’s own words: “The title comes from a joke we made when going to bed one morning, talking about our plans for the next evening.” Pierre completes: “Night is a place of freedom, a place where fantasies and obsessions are not tied by moral constraints. It’s also a time where the feeling of loneliness is stronger and when emotions and memories arise, whether you are facing it or running away from it. I think the tension and sense of urgency on the record comes from that dichotomy.” The result is truly interesting and for what we heard already, we’re honestly excited about the entire album. A couple hours ago the duo shared the official video, directed by Larissa Corriveau, for the excellent “Le port du masque est de rigueur.” Essaie pas’ “Demain est une autre nuit” will be released on February 19, and you can already pre-order your vinyl limited copy, right here.



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