Golden Scissors



Here at Golden Scissors we are always looking out for Zimmer‘s work. We love the French producer whether he is remixing, putting together some great mixtapes or producing by himself. Actually, the first track he made on his own still has its special place in our music library – “Galapagos” is one amazing horizontal disco track and you should definitely check it out if you don’t know it.

This week, the Paris based producer released something we just couldn’t miss to post – the second single for the upcoming EP “Coming of Age”, which will be out this friday. “Heartbreak Reputation” was recorded in high winter, but has summer written all over it. And don’t think this is just another light summer beat… In fact, this track tends to be deeper than most of Zimmer’s records. The beat and the synths produce a chilled out vibe, together with an urge to start moving your body around. But the beautiful voice of Polina is the deal breaker, bringing a deeper feeling to the track and resulting in something memorable. Two days away from the album release we couldn’t be more excited!



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