Golden Scissors


moullinexSatinCan you picture the perfect wedding? Musically speaking, of course… Well, if you can’t, just listen to Satin Jackets’ remix for Moullinex’s “Take a Chance”! We love the original track – it’s really amazing how can Luís Clara Gomes touch our hearts and make us dance at the same time – but the rework by the German producer is pure gold. He managed to change the original track just right, giving it a new look but maintaining it’s personality.

A nice smooth bass line and a soft percussion convey a sort of tropical look to the original track, which combined with some completely amazing synths and the original vocals produce a sense of calmness, mixed up with an odd warm feeling inside. Listening to it, Moullinex pictured himself on a “white convertible Testarrossa driving a smooth coastline road at sunset”- it’s quite like that, the track leads us to our happiest and coolest places.



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