Golden Scissors



Are you ready to dance? No? Well, If you didn’t already, we challenge you to press the button of the player bellow before you continue to read this article.

Pleasure Curses is Jahn Alexander Teetsov & Evan Maxwell Grice. Childhood friends from Washington D.C. who, at some point, reconnected to work together on music and art. We must admit we didn’t know of their existence before the track submission we got from them on the other day. Nevertheless it didn’t took long for us to get totally hooked on their sound and at this point of the article you probably agree with what we’re saying here.

“Concrete” is the first cut from an audio visual release titled “Pure Lust”, out in April through Prince George Records but you can already pre-order it here. The first 25 orders ship with an exclusive ‘Pure / Lust’ Poster! In a press release, the duo explains a bit about the creation of “Pure Lust” in general and “Concrete” in particular: “The upcoming release is derived from material recorded in an empty and isolated house outside of Chicago that was disconnected from creature comforts like internet, cell phone reception, or furniture. Contrary to our surroundings, the self-imposed isolation started inspiring us to make more of an upbeat-beat party record. The lyrics in ‘Concrete’ were partly conceived by seeing a plant punch it’s way through cracks in cement on a work site to keep growing; like a symbol to nature taking over once humanity is long gone. We all are the protagonists of our own stories but we are also the background characters to other people’s lives.”

Make no mistake, this is an extraordinary powerful tune with bossy synths and a pushy bass line dictating the listener to go immediately to the dance floor and shake the skeleton till it hurts. Exceptionally good!



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