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You might think we are somehow crazy for not posting Henrik Schwars on GS. Yes, we can be crazy in many ways, but some things just have to wait for the right moment. Now is the right moment!

We have been following the German producer and composer for quite a long time and we are absolutely astonished by his talent. With a lot of parallel projects, some of them a little off topic for GS, mister Schwarz shows how versatile and eclectic he can be. He’s a master of the dance scene with great house tracks, but at the same time he can skip all the beats and release “Instruments”, an album of his own house music in an acoustic arrangement for chamber orchestra. In between of these two far apart worlds, Schwarz does some kind of magic trick and combines electronic music, classical and jazz, producing a sort of experimental sound with a highly danceable vibe. The collaborative work is a common factor on Henrik’s projects. The massive track “Sky”, from Black Rose (Henrik Schwarz & Jesse Rose), and the deep “Trialogue” album (Bugge Wesseltoft, Henrik Schwarz and Dan Berglund) are just some of the examples of how successful can Schwarz’s projects be.

On September 2014 Seekae were releasing their third LP “The Worry”, via Future Classic. Six Months went by and the mighty Henrik Schwarz felt he should remix the track with the same name as the album. The outcome is astounding! The beat is deeper, the sound is cleaner and the arrangements added by the Berlin based producer are just perfect. It’s like Schwarz shredded the rough edges of Seekae’s track and gave it a nice shiny polish. The track combines a magic simplicity and softness that merged with the right beat and vocals drives you straight into the sweet spot.



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