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Here at Golden Scissors we are constantly in the quest of finding great new music for all of you. It really doesn’t matter so much if the music is from a well established artist or from someone nobody knows about. For us it’s all about the music and if we really love it we’ll do our best to feature it here.

Today we bring you a great track from a relatively unknown artist from the Philippines named Justin Craig aka WLDSPKR. Justin defines himself as an “independent beat maker” who is creating music from his bedroom. There is not much we can tell you about him but to be honest what we want is to talk about his music.

“Robotgirl” was written by Leonard Corcuera and features Maita Elica in the vocals, both from the Manila indie rock band Leo and the Tolstoys. From Craig own words “the track was inspired by a retro-futuristic vision and its about hypnotism”. What we really like about this track is its simplicity. The strong beat marks the slow pace but what jumps instantly to our attention are the beautiful dreamy vocals by Maita. Next to that the carefully placed synths adds a comfortable body to it all. All these elements and some other small production sounds are meticulously placed together to lead the listener into the dance floor and this is what makes this track a must listen.



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