Golden Scissors



It was not so long ago that we wrote about Róisín Murphy work. We are talking about “Gone Fishing”, the first single of her upcoming album “Hairless Toys”. If you by any reason missed it, we strongly advice you to revisit the track as soon as possible (listen here). Normally we don’t write about the same artist several times in a short period of time but this time we had to open an exception. Not because its Róisín Murphy – after all she is one of our favourites artist – but because we fell this “Exploitation” really deserves it and we will try to explain you why: “Exploitation” is nothing like anything you ever heard before. Coming from Murphy we would expect something more danceable and less experimental/ conceptual. Please don’t get us wrong, we think this is an incredible piece of music. We are absolutely in love with Róisín’s breathy vocals, just like if she’s whispering in our ears and no less impressive are all the little sounds you can hear throughout the piece if you pay enough attention to the details.

The truth is we really admire and have the outmost respect for artists who reinvent themselves along the years. Although miss Murphy has been around for quite some years, the most impressive part of it all is that no matter what she does she always manage to deliver jaw dropping tracks every time.



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