Golden Scissors



A few weeks ago sydney based producer Loudun released “Gold”, his new track featuring Tashka. Simplicity is the key element of this track, making it tremendously catchy and leaving no one indifferent as the tune goes by. Pure Gold!

A simple and subtle intro puts us on the right spot for what’s about to come: a massive entry followed by a deep beat and frenetic synths, supported by the charming and yet strong vocals from Tashka. Producing a highly danceable vibe with a great R&B feeling, this track has a magic atmosphere, conveying a sort of an impossible power mixed up with an infinite serenity.

“Gold” is the third single from Loudun in the past year and he just nailed it! It follows “Second Skin” and “Agrimony”, which features Sam T, and confirms the genius behind the young Australian producer. The bar is set up high, but we believe this release only shows he’s talented enough for the highly competitive world of the music industry. We’re looking forward for Loudun’s promising 2015!

“Gold” is available as free download. You just have to follow Loudun on soundcloud and you’ll be able to grab your copy.



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