Golden Scissors



Miss Róisín Murphy just unleashed “Gone Fishing”, a track from her upcoming Album “Hairless Toys”. Eight years after the  outstanding Overpowered the new album will be out May 11 through Play It Again.

If you are following us for some time now, you probably already noticed we are huge fans of Róisín. Not only because of her amazing good looks but most important due to her groundbreaking work in electronic music and perfomance art. If you still don’t believe me check for yourself the amazing Simulation video here and (re)listen to Leviathan by Freeform Five feat. Róisín Murphy here.

“Gone Fishing” is a piece you will fall in love with almost instantly. A sense of cool and smooth atmosphere is present till minute 3:32 where you start to feel a growing tension taking over the scene. Almost like this part of the song is having a controlled argument with itself. The small anxiety finally ends at 4:34 and for the remaining one minute and 22 seconds the piece enters in conclusion mode. The end of the story that is wrapping-up, if you may. Pure Gold



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