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Parisian duo Brigitte has released a hiper sexy and sensual video for “J’sais Pas”, a single from their latest album “A bouche que veux-tu” out last November and available in iTunes and Spotify.

In Aurélie Saada own words she and Sylvie Hoarau – the other half of Brigitte – “wanted to show a feminine view about sex and women: something hypnotic, sensual, but not vulgar. To see this girl just riding in the street, filming her little shorts, her ass. This is the paradox of women: we like to see a sexy girl, also.”

The video was directed by Saada herself and it stars a very sexy everyday girl roller skating through a Miami boulevard. Her body movement and the slow motion effect makes everything very sensual and, at some points of the video, you feel like she is actually dancing the disco tunes of “J’sais Pas”. It goes without saying that the video is superbly filmed with an outstanding photography. The downside of it, if we can say it like that, is the lack of some more story telling around this mysterious sensual girl that we never see the face, but then again maybe the all idea is to keep it simple: women, sensuality and Disco.



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