Golden Scissors



What happens when you add the amazing piano tiles from Chilly Gonzales to the deep beats of P. Morris? That’s right, pure Magic!  

Late Visitor”, brought to us by Sound Pellegrino as part of “SND.PE Vol. 04: Melodic Mechanisms”, takes us in a journey straight into our deepest dreams. With an outstanding work by these two guys we can see the track growing up as the seconds pass by. It starts as a slightly dramatic and dark piano solo and the feeling raises as the beats and the violin strings enter the piece. The expectation ends at 1:52 with a deep and amazing climax, reached with the help of some vocals. At this point we already forgot about everything surrounding us and are embedded into this cinematic journey. We are in the presence of some pure perfectionism of Gonzales and Morris. Suddenly, all that profound and rhythmic sound ends and gives place to a peaceful and chilled vibe.Without realizing it, we are ending an amazing journey and there’s no turning back, we’ve fallen in love forever.


“SND.PE Vol. 04: Melodic Mechanisms” is out now and you can buy it here.



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