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Stumbleine - Thawn

Stumbleine has been making waves over the last couple years in the Chillwave scene. Yesterday the Bristol producer released a new eight-track album titled “Infinite Overcast.” If you’re familiarized with Peter Cooper’s previous releases you already know that the new work will lead you through the immensity of the unknown. It’s honestly impossible to stay indifferent behind such a group of delicate and ethereal sounds, which instantly stimulates the listener into a journey of deep and introspective cognition. The general retro feeling of the album also motivates the audience to revisit “old” sound cuts that are probably forgotten by the majority of us. Definitely a piece of music to be carefully digested and appreciated. We have “accidentally” posted the single “Thawn,” but the entire album is very solid. Listen to the track below, and make sure to download the album on bandcamp. Stay Golden!

Download Stumbleine’s “Infinite Overcast,” here ///



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