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Sometimes you just need to press the pause button in life. I could stay here for hours trying to find several reasons why we’ve been away for so long, but I won’t. We’re truly sorry for the long period of silence, but sometimes you need to pause in order to move forward. Anyway, it feels awesome to be back, especially during one of our favourite seasons of the year, Christmas!
Today we bring you the new video of Röyksopp‘s excellent single “Skulls,” which is taken from their recent album “The Inevitable End.” The clip was directed by Stian Andersen and filmed in the woods of Norway, at the home the 83-year-old who stars in the video. They’re basically doing creepy occult stuff in a cabin in the middle of nowhere. The final part of the piece is especially unsettling as the music itself devolves into glitches of noise and strobe lights kick in to display some truly weird stuff. Read below Röyksopp’s own words about the video, and watch it after the jump!

Röyksopp says:

“With The Inevitable End we’ve moved into a darker subject matter, with emphasis on the lyrical content. This candid approach feels very both personal, sincere and conclusive… With this album it became clear we wanted to make an album in a classical sense even if it’s the last one we make… We feel like this is a goodbye to the traditional album format. In our consecutive run of albums, we have been able to say what we want to say and do what we want to do with the LP. We’re not going to stop making music, but the album format as such, this is the last thing from us.”



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