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Here’s a neat little video from danish producer Kasper Bjørke. The last time we featured him was in this interview we had last year. So what has he been up to? A new album is in the the works and after the first single “Rush” comes this absolute grand piece of work. After listening to these new two songs we get what he meant with “at this point it would probably be best described as something you would put on for sad and slow dancing” when referring to the album.
To take another quote from him “I’m talking to some brilliant featuring vocalists as well” is something that we can prove in this song. Of course production is great, and it really feels like a sad song, a remembrance of those classic 80’s songs that my mother use to hear (not me though, never…) and Cæcilie Trier’s voice just emphasizes on that premise. This lady is a smooth operator and it really takes me back a few years. We love songs done properly that take influence on the 80’s and this one just hits our soft spot. Go, listen and melt with these Danish sweets.



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  1. Cool track! Love the sound; reminds me a lot of Warm Ghost, another great artist who’s clearly influenced by that dreamy 80s sound.

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