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Giorgio Moroder - Giorgio's Theme

Legendary Italo-Disco producer Giorgio Moroder, unveiled today a new single titled “Giorgio’s Theme.” The new piece is the first in a series of free new tracks to come out in the next couple weeks via, Adult Swim. After the huge impact of Moroder’s collaboration on Daft Punk’s latest album, which was followed by some sad (and badly influenced) EDM releases, we’re actually happy to see that the new single shows the best side from the Italian genius. “Giorgio’s Theme” is an epic eight-minute instrumental cosmic trip of beautifully orchestrated synths. If you’re fan of vintage music produced with a sentimentalist “heart machine,” you’ll easily fall in love by the excellent piece below. Aside all the exaggerated and silly hype around the classic quote “My name is Giovanni Giorgio, but everybody calls me Giorgio,”  it’s inevitable that Giorgio Moroder is one of the most influential and important artists of the electronic music history. A true living legend! Listen to the piece below, and watch an exclusive interview to Adult Swim, where he talks about the new track, influences, music production, EDM, and a lot more!

The track will be up for free on Monday, and you’ll be able to download it here ///



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