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MØ   (Zimmer Remix)

French Nu Disco producer Zimmer, is finally back to the remix action! This time we’re being gifted with a nice House/Disco twist on MØ’s track “Don’t Wanna Dance.” According to Baptiste’s status on Twitter “It’s been 5 months since releasing anything. New single following June 24th”  “The MO remix is slightly deeper than usual, a bit more house too, but still with that feel good sound. I’m really proud of this one.” Despite going more house, we can clearly feel Zimmer’s sparkling disco signature al over the piece. The result is truly interesting, since it’s one of those tracks that we hardly imagine that is going to be remixed in such a a peculiar and original way. Also, the new remix will be available soon as free download via Zimmer’s Facebook fan page. Stay tuned! 

Blog post update: The track is now available as free download below!

Download here ///



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