Golden Scissors


Caribou_Can't_Do _Without _You
This one’s for all the people wanting a new dreamy electro song. Daniel Snaith released a new track of a forthcoming album under the moniker Caribou. Last time we heard him was as Daphni, with his more oriented club production style. Daniel has been releasing records since 2001, with influences from folk, psychedelic pop and shoegaze, but it was “Swim”, released in 2010, with it’s mininal tecnho, experimental sound, which propelled him to electronic stardom reaching #1 album of the year on Resident Advisor and Mixmag. Who can’t remember “Odessa” or “Sun“?
On comes a new follow up album and because Daniel’s work is always unexpected we really can’t take any iterations from this first song. At first glance it is very much in the style of “Swim” with it’s smooth synths and simple deep beats. The song follows in a progression from beginning to a little before it’s end, with a prolonged start to burst into those synth sounds we became familiar 4 years ago. This is the very first song in the album which will come out in October but it will be in pre-order from iTunes as of 4th of June.



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