Golden Scissors


New Navy - Heaven

“Heaven” is the first unveiled single from New Navy‘s upcoming album. It’s not the first time we’re featuring music from the Australian electronic pop trio. The boys from Sydney are without a doubt one of our favourite acts of the last couple years. For sure you remember amazing pieces such as, “Regular Town,” “Zimbabwe” or even their excellent cover of Télépopmusik’s “Breathe.” If you take a ride on their Souncloud account, you will also find an impressive collection of ace remixes by Flume, Rufus, and Baio. “Heaven” is one of those tracks that will instantly make you smile. It’s impossible to resist behind such a group of sweet and mellow vibes. We’re honestly in love by the piece, and we’re also excited to hear the entire album. Judging by “Heaven,” we can only assume the piece was designed near the closest beach, where “love” is the key word. So good!



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