Golden Scissors



We have found a Beacon to guide us today. While we wait for Tomas Barfod‘s new full length “Love Me”, some of the tracks are being presented in advance and the occasional remix as well. Tomas is a prolific producer and dj, renowned all over the world firstly as Tomboy with tracks released on Gomma or Kompakt, a third of Danish band WhoMadeWho and most recently for his 2012 full length release on Secretly Canadian “Salton Sea”. We have reviewed the tracks “Happy” and “Pulsing” from the latest Pulsing Ep. Cue in Beacon, the Brooklyn duo, creating dark, rich tapestries from R&B and trip-hop that culminate in great tracks like “Drive”, you can check the video here, but we cannot be held accountable if you can’t stop listening to it on repeat.
It almost seems fitting to write about this song on a day like this, it’s cold and grey outside (good old english weather). The melodies Beacon have crafted here are perfect for you to just lay back, relax and let yourself be taken on a ride across mountains and rivers full of seamless beats and tones. As if the music itself wasn’t enough we still have Nina Kinert‘s vocal tweaked to sooth the ride even more. Even the breaks on the song are perfectly executed and masterfully timed. There is one snag I have with this piece, it’s length, 4:24 is not enough, I deserve more.



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