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Best Youth & Moullinex - In The Shade

Best Youth & Moullinex – In the Shade (Official Video) – Directed by Tiago Ribeiro ///

We’ve featured Moullinex (AKA Luis Clara Gomes) many times before on this site, and there is a simple reason for that. He makes great music! In today’s piece the Lisbon/Munich based artist teamed up with Best Youth (AKA Ed Rocha Gonçalves & Catarina Salinas) to produce a pop-influenced, summer-drenched tune, that will be ringing in our heads for some time.

A music video (Above) was produced thanks to the help of Bold Creative Studio to illustrate the feel of the song, but I reckon I will give a shot at painting it with my words:

Needle down. Some pulsing synths, a simple but effective pattern, anticipation of a great time to come, getting up for the day. Out the door, a walking baseline providing a melody to your every step. Vocals gentle, smooth: a call from your girlfriend. It’s time to hit the park, she’s “In the shade”. Next thing you know, all the other instruments, friends join in: guitars, percussion, shakers, everyone’s here and you’re in the sun. Having a good time, hot in the summer weather. Then at 1:43, a break in the music. your girl is calling you back to the shade. A nice rest does you well, but soon you’re back at it, and more then ever. Jamming together; there is a melody in the air, warm-weather bliss. Slowly the moment becomes a memory… the music fades with one final synth.

“In the shade” is part of an upcoming album: T(h)ree vol 3 – From Portugal to Japan and South Korea



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