Golden Scissors


Good news everyone! New music is coming from down under, well, considering all the superb music being done in Australia right now, I’d say they are the one’s on top, but I digress. Super duo The Swiss have a new Ep out and we have the single “In the city” to show you all.
The conductors of this duo are Luke Million and Tony Mitolo, two great artists on their own. Luke is best known for his love of 80’s electronic style, shown in both his remixes or original pieces (check out his soundcloud page, it’s a great ride), and Tony is the man behind the beats, when he’s not playing drums for the great Empire of The Sun. Last time we heard them was with “Kiss to Kiss”, which we featured with Breakbot‘s remix here.
This new single is a straight to summer tune, nothing less that what you can expect from this dynamic duo, filled with great beats and full on synths with little hints of retro techno toppled with a lovely female voice letting you know how much fun you can have dancing. It’s the type of thing that just falls short on some of the work The Juan Maclean have been doing lately. All in all is just a great addition to their catalog. As a personal note I loved “Antiquities”, another track on the Ep that you can already buy at iTunes or Juno.



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