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La Roux is back folks. The Uk band is now comprising of only Elly Jackson, with the departure of Ben Langmaid from the band while this album was in recording process. La Roux had a great debut album, which led them to a Grammy win for Best Electronic/Dance Album and had them playing all around the world since then, with “Bulletproof” and “In for the kill” two of the singles from the album reaching top chart positions. Their sound follows in the footsteps of the great 80’s english synthpop scene and Elly’s unique voice has got her participating on songs by other artists such as Kanye West.
With that much attention a second album is always something that bares great responsibility and from what we heard so far it may even become better. All the elements from their previous songs are enclosed within “Uptight Downtown”, and with some added instruments losing a little bit of the synth and giving it a more pop feeling, a great bassline, Elly’s great voice work (does it sound better here than the first album?) and catchy lyrics make this a great melody for radio play. So the album comes out on the 7th of July and we’ll be looking forward for that. You can also check the video for the first single “Let me down gently” below.

Let me down gently (Official Video) ///



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