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Salt Ashes - Somebody (Satin Jackets Remix)

Satin Jackets, at it again with this wonderful rendition of Salt Ashes‘ “Somebody”. The original track leans heavily on Pop influences, but it is clear that in this remix Satin Jackets (Tim and Den) have set the record straight. Light, airy, and definitely danceable. It’s stupendous the quality of releases we can expect from Satin Jackets!

In case you can’t listen right now, or just want to our impressions let me paint a quick picture of this song for you:

Picture a whale. Now bear with me, the track opens with what sounds very much like a whale making calls, a whale floating in some cloud-filled land. These clouds are made of sweeping synths and arpeggiators, but they soon begin to part around the one minute line. Like Bespin in Star Wars, they reveal a glimmering gem – in this case not a city in the sky, but our precious vocals, transformed from the whale they once were into delicate feminine voices. Gentle pianos, and percussion guide us around the scenery as the sun sets, turning everything in a more vivid shade of orange, and slowly red. Everything fades away.
Hopefully I didn’t lose you all in that imagery! Don’t forget to support Satin Jackets and this release on Hypem!

Out April 8th on Beatport.



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