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Jesse James, Lewis and Sean are Movement, one of the latest incorporations to the Modular family. They come from Sydney and with just a few tracks on the blogosphere they are already making noise. Next May the 5th they’ll release their debut EP and they’ll hit the road, so, before all of those exciting plans we wanna know more and we’ve asked them a few things; take a look.

Golden Scissors: We guess you are constantly making music; any story behind your name?

Movement: We have been writing music for the last three years together. We have alot we want to show everyone. We have kept everything with a minimal aesthetic. So we never really overthought our name – it just sort of something that stuck from the beginning. It could have been a catalogue number, i think for the most part we have always been more concerned with the songs themselves.

It has just sort of made sense so far, our music is sparse so our aesthetic has always just been made to match. Additionally, we are all perfectionists and really critical – so we are always  preoccupied with the idea that we never want to turn around in the future and hate something we have done.

GS: Vocals are very important for you; we know when you met Lewis Wade he has exactly what you were looking in a vocalist and with the track ‘Like Lust’ we can appreciate all of that. Could you say he defined your style or you have it clear from the beginning?

M: We all share diverse but similar tastes in certain music – like we are all big fans of older soul and r’n’b which is where our music takes large parts of its inspiration. Vocals have been and always will be a large part of what we do – primarily because we don’t like to use that many layers when writing a song – however we have all had a fairly clear sense of what we like and where we are taking things from the outset.

GS:  How did you feel when Modular contacted you?

M: It was a total dream come true- something which we have been wanting since our high school days after seeing Klaxons at the Enmore. We were completely stoked to get an email late one night from Pav the founder of Modular Recordings saying he was into our music. Everything got pretty real from there onwards.

GS: With just three songs out, two of them have been chosen as Best New Track on Pitchfork. Can you say you have the magic recipe? Due to it do you feel any pressure to compose new music?

M: For us we create most things at night, and I think the experience of writing something has a direct influence on the final product – so in many ways ‘night time’ is largely influential. We’ve been really fortunate that people have been liking what we have done so far – and we have to tread lightly as we only have a few songs out. But in saying that, we are all perfectionists – and we don’t really sign off on anything until we are really happy with it. Our ethos from the outset has always been that if we are creating something we enjoy – there is a chance that others may also.

GS: Your EP drops next May, (congrats!), are you already working on your debut album? Any details?

M: Thank you, we are excited to share something we are proud of with everyone. It will be such a nice feeling having our music out for people to listen to and share. Something we have been sitting on for so long just between the three of us will now be going all over the globe. We are always writing and yes we have been working on our debut album. We have been writing it for years but only recently have become seeing it as a whole project with commonalities. We feel we have found a sound in the last few months so we are excited to be applying that to some older stuff along with new things we are working on.

GS: ‘Us’ official video was directed by Dave Ma, have you guys thought about any future collaboration?

M: We loved working with Dave Ma, he is so good at what he does – we were blown away when he submitted a treatment for our first single . There have been some other really talented people putting some ideas through for future stuff which we are looking into at the moment also.

GS: What’s your favorite remix made for Movement?

M: Movement – Us (Kowton Remix).

GS: We can feel some r&b influence in your melodies, does it comes from any obsession from the past?

M: We are all fairly obsessed with r&b – wonder, gaye, ewf, mayfield, temptations, al green etc. etc.  –   and so when we started writing music together that was our easiest point of like reference between our different ideas. Now we still stay true to that but we try to explore it in different ways that contribute to our own sound that is developing.

GS: You are gonna cross the pond next summer for the FOR Festival in Croatia, it will be your first show in Europe; are you excited? Have you ever been there?

M: Yeah we are really looking forward to it, we have been so busy writing locked away in our bedrooms for the last few months – it will be really great to play what we have been working on overseas. None of us have been to Croatia yet and from all reports – we have heard that FOR is a total dream – so we are really looking forward to playing it. We have some friends in a few of the other bands playing so its going to be great to watch each other play in such a relaxed place – totally surreal.

GS: You have been compared to SBTRKT, have you ever thought of a collab with him?

M: We think that Aaron Jerome is a brilliant song writer and producer. Of course that would be unreal. If he is reading this or anyone knows him say hi from us and we are down.

GS:  Do you usually stay tuned to new music through blogs? Any recommendation?

M: As much as I would love to say we do, we are actually quiet late on the front of what many blogs would consider “new music”. Also our modern tastes and obsessions are pretty diverse and short lived.

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