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Are you well-versed in the work of British singer-songwriter and guitarist John Martyn? If you are, you are certainly going to appreciate the new song Roosevelt uploaded to soundcloud today, which is a cover of Martyn’s 1977 release “Small Hours.” Even though I wasn’t too familiar with John Martyn before today, I still managed to enjoy Roosevelt’s version of the tune. Completely in line with the sort of music Roosevelt produces, albeit slightly less funky, this cover personifies the hazy, loved-up guitar pop that the Greco-Roman signee is becoming known for. Clearly artists such as John Martyn have played an integral role in his musical development, which is most likely why Roosevelt has decided to pay homage to him today.

If you are like me, and haven’t heard the original before, head over to youtube and watch Martyn perform his classic live right here. The effects and manner in which Martyn uses electronics throughout his performance are way ahead of his time. I almost couldn’t believe that it took place in 1978 when I first watched it. Now, thanks to Roosevelt, I will be going on binge of everything John Martyn for the rest of the weekend!



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