Golden Scissors


Friendly Fires & The Asphodells - Before Your Eyes “Before Your Eyes” is taken from Friendly Fires & The Asphodells upcoming double a-side release “Before Your Eyes/Velo,” which drops on March 31st on Telophase. The production is the result of a collaboration between The Asphodells, aka Andrew Weatherall and Timothy J Fairplay. According to the artists press release about the piece, it all started in an east London pub discussion about working on a new music together. “The plan was to produce music that came from a place outside of their respective usual musical styles – a loose, open-ended process embarked upon for the pure joy of experimentation and collaboration rather than a specific end goal.” We have already heard the same formula back in 2008 on Friendly Fires albums – 2008’s debut Friendly Fires and 2011’s follow up “Pala,” and also on the acclaimed Asphodells album “Ruled By Passion Destroyed By Lust,” released last year. Both singles are an epic journey of almost 10 minutes length, and they were produced on Weatherall’s Shoreditch studio, The Bunker, and Friendly Fires frontman Ed Macfarlane’s basement studio just a short stroll down the road in Farringdon. These are also the  inaugural release on Friendly Fires’ own Telophase label, and you can already pre-order your copy right here. Great news!



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