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Pandreas - Rube
A couple days ago we came across by a stunning single titled “Rube,” which is taken from Norwegian young producer Andreas Rasmussen, aka Pandreas, upcoming “Beluga” EP. If we didn’t know that this track is from Pandreas, we could easily associate the production to massive artists, such as Todd Terje, Prins Thomas or Lindstrom. “Rube” is a 9 minute disco journey that will instantly captivate your attention, especially due its cosmic atmosphere and addictive chord progression. A piece that conveys different feelings during its progress along the player. A piece that transports the listener into some sort of no-return trip. When we think it’s impossible to produce something closer to the legends we just mentioned above, there’s someone that completely brakes all the barriers of the Disco scene. “Rube” definitely takes Disco music to another level. It’s the perfect welcome postcard into Pandreas’ world! Despite being so young, we can only assume that more of the same potion will be delivered in a near future. “Beluga” EP is being released on April 1st via Sellout. Enjoy your flight!



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