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Jade Blue, a female electronic producer hailing from the UK, has recently uploaded the B-side to her latest release “Moving Away!” I do not know much about the 21-year-old artist, except for the fact that she is signed to Black Butter Records, the same people who have brought us the likes of Rudimental and Kidnap Kid. To be honest, I did not even know about Jade Blue until today, but I’m certainly glad I do now.

If I had to compare her sound, I would say that she reminds me a lot of other UK acts such as Labyrinth Ear. She seems to have knack for producing the same shimmering melodies that, by themselves, sound quite light-hearted and serene. But when she chooses to pair them up with modulated basslines and a metallic array of instrumentals, the tone of her music becomes much more somber; creating an interesting “light/dark” dichotomy between the various elements within this particular song.

With so much going on within “Moving Away,” it surprises me that the piece is not even four minutes long. With all the build-ups, breakdowns, and progressions that occur throughout its entirety, one would think that this song is much longer than it actually is. How she managed to fit all this action in a relatively short amount of time is beyond me.



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