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Dim Sum - Coucou Disco (Lifelike Remix)

It’s always exciting when you see a new remix from French producer Laurent Heinrich, a.k.a Lifelike. He’s clearly a huge influence to many young producers, and it’s fair enough to say that we’re talking about a living legend. Sometimes we feel that Lifelike doesn’t actually gets a deserved attention across the electronic world. Over the past years we have been gifted with epic productions, such as: “Sunset” |listen here|, “Heatwave” |listen here|, “Motion” |listen here|, or even “Discopolis” |listen here|, just to mention a few. Lifelike is not just a good producer, he’s considered a reference and he’s also part of an interesting Retro-Disco-Synth movement, that unfortunately is almost extinct. Anyway, this time we’re  being gifted with an excellent treatment of Dim Sum’s track “Coucou,” which taken from the French artist debut EP “Coucou Disco” that is being released today via Soundress Records – buy it on iTunes. Lifelike’s reinterpretation is just too good! The whole piece has been on repeat since the first time we heard it. It definitely respects the main essence from the original, and at the same time, it’s intrinsic that we can feel Lifelike’s golden touch all over this rework. The piece starts with a great vocoder, which slowly grows with an interesting instrumental crescendo until the minute  1:52. After that brief intro, there’s a beautiful piano drop, which is followed by an immense build, and that’s where you’re going listen to that classical and addictive Lifelike bass-line. Around the fourth minute there’s a second massive drop, that is followed by a gentle guitar build up, which ends up being the most exciting moment of the track. Listen to the piece below, and stream here the entire EP. So good!



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