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Shadow Child

It’s Friday, everyone! And fortunate enough for you, me, and the entire dance community, Shadow Child has been kind enough to bestow upon us a little gift before heading off into the weekend. In his latest edit, the UK producer has taken to remixing Daughter’s cover of Daft Punk’s Grammy-winning hit “Get Lucky.” As if this cover could not get any more massive (it sits at roughly 6 million views on Youtube), Shadow Child has decided to turn the song into an DJ Friendly, rave weapon of a tune that will certainly be making it’s rounds to a club near you.

Simple and effective, Shadow Child doesn’t try to do anything fancy in this VIP. Realizing the quality in which he had to work with in this track, he has chosen to add in melodies that are more complimentary than they are transformative. Although I’m not the biggest supporter of producers when they take this safe approach, I do realize that 1.) This is just supposed to be an edit and 2.) It would be a travesty to ruin the beauty within Elena Tonra’s voice with anything superfluous. So, understanding the task at hand, Shadow Child manages to capture the magic of the cover and successfully transfers it to the dancefloor almost entirely intact. Not only has he done a commendable job at this, but he has also decided to give the remix away for free! Honestly, what more can you want out of the man?!

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