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hercules and love affair - do you feel the same

Modern day hero Andy Butler is back. A new reincarnation of Hercules and Love Affair is about to hit the streets with a full album and we have a new song that came out today. Anyone still remembers the acclaimed “Blind” that played all over the world and was a huge house hit. And as was the case then, the line up of voices on the album is something to look forward to, with collaborations from singer/songwriter, brit nominee John Grant, Krystle Warren, Rouge Mary and working on this song, Gustaph.
Gustaph is the voice behind one of our favorite tunes from 2012, Moonlight Matter’s “Come for me”, and it really sounds good to ear him back again on this. This piece is a 90’s House tune, full of various elements through out, very colourful and very soulful, with a somewhat retro bass and a very 90’s chorus. Much like Juan Maclean’s latest song “Get Down (with my love)”, featured here, the theme seems to be recurrent in the DFA house.
This single is released on April the 14th and the full album, “The Feast Of The Broken Heart” is expected to hit the stores on the 26th of May and in his own words, “I wanted nasty basslines, stormy, bleary-eyed sounds, fiery, rough, tough and ragged old school house productions that sounded almost techno. I didn’t want polite, I wanted aggressive.”, we can only hope to see great things in there.



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