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Midlake - The Old And The Young (Moullinex Edit)

After great demand, Moullinex has finally given to us his edit of  “The Old And The Young” from his and Xinobi‘s Boiler Room set. It’s a great edit, and very much keeps the atmosphere of the original alive, with it’s swirling sounds and psychedelic feel.
Because of the way the edit is structured we are right away presented with the core elements of the song. These come in and out of focus  until finally it is sitting just right and has set the tone of the air. Adding to the psychedelic nature of the sounds we eventually get some subdued chanting to cover the side-chained synths. These break into clearer vocals around the same time our effected guitar shows up. In a very much religious fashion the fervent music comes in waves, back and forth, in and out. A warped ending takes us down from the high of the song.

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