Golden Scissors


Jagwar Ma

Having released a remix of “Uncertainty” by London producer MssingNo a few weeks ago, Jagwar Ma have taken to sharing another remix of the tune on soundcloud today. Coincidentally, this one also comes from a British producer, albeit a significantly more legendary one. The producer I speak of is Ewan Pearson, and like many of his remixes, the man has effortlessly manages to create a stellar dance tune out of elements that one wouldn’t normally associate with club music. Taking the psychedelic, thrill-ride that is Jagwar Ma’s original “Uncertainty,” Mr. Pearson has kept most of the original intact and has chosen to add in his own assortment of sporadic basslines and acid-tinged synths. Perfectly aligned with the feel of the original, I believe a lot of Jagwar Ma fans are going to enjoy listening to this more upbeat version of the tune.



Categories: Deep, Golden Tracks, House

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